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Workshop participants can find the narrated presentations and abstracts in the Forum.

Mohammad Alkhair & Ashraf Abdelhay

The graffscapes of COVID-19 pandemic in Khartoum, Sudan

Jannis Androutsopoulos

Exploring pandemic-related regulatory signage: multimodality, upscaling, and fast-paced geosemiotic change during 2020

Carla Bagna & Martina Bellinzona

Italian Linguistic Landscape during the Covid-19 pandemic: use of spaces among management, activism and messages of hope

Monica Barni & Orlando Paris

Redesigning museum space in times of pandemic: an opportunity for cultural participation?

Michael Chesnut, Nate Ming Curran, & Sungwoo Kim

Between the Cute and the Lethal: Representations of COVID-19 in the Multilingual Linguistic Landscape of South Korea

Joseph Comer

Together soon enough: Melbourne’s affective-discursive landscape during and since lockdown

Gordon C. C. Douglas

A Sign in the Window: Negotiating Emerging Social Norms Through Handmade Signs in the Age of Covid-19

Karen Ferreira-Meyers, Telamisile Phumlile Mkhatshwa & Phindile Alice Dlamini

Covid-19 Era: The Transformation of Language and Communicative Behaviour in Eswatini

Luana Candido Fleury, Marie Fournier, Tom Rudberg & Natalia Volvach

When It Is Raining, Sell Umbrellas: The semiotic landscape of a commercial area of Stockholm in times of Covid-19

Susanna Karlsson

Interactional dots

Roula Kitsiou

Face masks reshaping the Greek Linguistic Landscape in the COVID-19 era

Hakyoon Lee & Bumyong Choi

Linguistic Landscape of COVID19 in Korea: An analysis of the discourse of 1K-pangyek and maum pangyek in public

Eldin Milak

(Un)masking Seoul:
The mask as a static and dynamic semiotic device for reconfiguring public space and redefining civic responsibility

Gabriella Modan Katie J. Wells

Renegotiating the Labor Regime: US Business Signs in the Covid Shutdown

Florence Mourlhon-Dallies

The COVID 19 pandemic on display: multiple temporalities in confined Paris

Lieselott Nordman & Väinö Syrjälä

From official guidelines to the LL – a comparative look at rules and recommendation on Covid-19-signs in Helsinki and Stockholm

Rogelio P. Panuelos Jr.

Space-time Mattering During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Prem Phyak & Bal Krishna Sharma

People, place, and politics: Citizen linguistic landscape and semiotic ideology during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal

Zahir Shah & Safa Marva

(Re)defining Our Social Identity Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: A Socio-pragmatic Dimension of Covidoscape in Pakistan

Janine A. E. Strandberg

Solidarity for sale: Corporate social responsibility and news- jacking in global advertising during the covid-19 pandemic

Louis Strange

Covid-19 and Public Responsibility: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Blaming the Public during the UK’s Third Wave

Andre Joseph Theng, Vincent Wai Sum Tse, & Jasper Zhao Zhen Wu

Who is included in ‘Together’? Conflicting Senses of Responsibility in the Hong Kong COVID-19 Landscapes

Stefania Tufi

Hybrid places - the reconfiguration of domestic space in the time of Covid-19

Birgul Yilmaz

Covid-19, policing and the changing of the linguistic landscape in an anti-authoritarian neighbourhood in Athens

Feifei Zhou

Aggressive banners, dialect-shouting village heads, and their online fame:
Construction and consumption of rural linguistic landscapes in China’s anti-Covid campaign

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