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Hello! I am a Senior Lecturer of Swedish and Swedish Translation at the University of Helsinki, Finland. I teach e.g. professional translation, legal translation, text analysis, institutional communication and plain language at the Bachelor's and Master's program in Scandinavian languages ​​and literatures and the Master's program in Translation and Interpretating. I also worked as a part-time teacher at the Faculty of Law for ten years, 2010-2020, teaching Legal Swedish.

I supervise both bachelor's and master's theses, and I'm currently the supervisor of four doctoral dissertations (linguistics, scandinavian languages) at the University of Helsinki.

My newest research interest lies in linguistic landscapes and the communicative patterns in the signage of the Covid19-pandemic, and I am very much looking forward to learning more and getting to know the field better! My more established research interests are legal translation and legal language, institutional translation and institutional communication, discourse analysis, translation sociology, LSP, language rights and language policies, plain language / language planning, Finland-Swedish sign language. I wrote my PhD-thesis (2009) on the translation of laws, focusing the translation process, revisions, norms and instutions.

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Lieselott Nordman

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