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  1. How does Covid-19 signage (here and below understood to signify the nexus of physical signs and signing practices) (re)construct public space materially? How does it work with the built environment?

  2. How does Covid-19 signage visually represent the virus, people, and places affected by it? How does these visual representations reinforce or contradict the verbal messages?

  3. Who are the producers and intended users of these Covid-19 signs? Who are included, and who are excluded, through what means?

  4. How is Covid-19 signage intertextually linked with other broader discourses of public health, civic responsibilities, urban governance, consumerism, and neoliberalism?

  5. How does Covid-19 signage regulate bodies in space and shape interactional order? What new forms of behaviours in public have emerged as a result and become the ‘new normal’?

Key Questions: Text
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